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Smart home systems make leaving the house in the morning a breeze. The moment you step out of the house you can instruct the smart home to lock the doors, lower the window shades, activate the security system and switch on the camera and sensor which give you the ability to remotely view your property. Log into your camera and visually see, in real-time, areas of your home while you are away. You can even automate your camera to record at a specified time, automatically snap a picture when a sensor is triggered. The Shade Designers provides you the solutions to protect your family and property

When you enter the driveway, activate the 'Home' button on your smart phone to turn on specific lights in your house, open the garage door, disarms your security system, open the shades or drapes and activate your thermostat at your preset temperature. Home technology allows you to enjoy the comforts and conveniences that surround you

Safety solutions are increasingly acting as a gateway reasons for consumers interested in upgrading their house to include home automation, A home automated system can provide many benefits, increased safety, privacy, and even home monitoring. Smart home technology allows you to get alerts via text or email in case of a water leak, smoke, CO and C02 levels increase as well as sound an alarm and shut off the water mains. Smart door locks have become more than just a convenient way to enter your house.

The Shade Designers provides personalized integrated solutions which allow household items to work together and enhance lifestyles. Smart home solutions give homeowners comfort, savings convenience and peace of mind

The Shade Designers can create the perfect lighting conditions for your home. Automate motorized window treatments and conventional lighting with integration of daylighting to perform dramatic scenes that will match any high end systems worth thousands more. Smart sensors both inside and outside are able to detect the current climatic situation and activate patio awnings, hurricane shutters, roller shades and draperies.

The Shade Designers integrates motorized window treatments with home automation and let you to conveniently monitor and manage temperature throughout your home and adjust the air conditioner according to the room temperature help you to lower utility consumption and maximize energy efficiency. Homeowners can enjoy some saving with automation.

Home automation system allows homeowners to pre-program the scenes you want. With a touch of one button, you can make the entire house go to various moods; morning, party, romantic evening, sleep When you leave, with one button:
all the lights in your house can turn off automatically, the shades close to 35%, all your doors will be locked, arm your alarm system, set the thermostat. A mile down the road a glance at your phone will assure you that the garage door or entry gate closed properly,

You no longer worry about your kids and elderly fumble around in the dark looking for light switch. When they wake up in the middle of night, a motion detector triggers the lights to 20% in the room, hallway and bathroom automatically, adding convenience and peace of mind for homeowners.

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