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The Shade Designers understands the challenges faced by Property Developers which are constantly trying to stand out from competition with minimal cost. The perceived value of any development not only depends on critical factors such as the location, facilities and design. Property Developers are selling a lifestyle that speaks to homeowners and tenants and adds perceived value to any real estate

The Shade Designers believes that motorized window treatments and home automation are poised to become leading trends in residential new construction and remodeling projects for the next decade. Smart homes are rapidly making a significant impact on new housing and development markets.

Developers are looking for that unique selling point while homeowners have a growing interest in these new technologies:

  • Greater appeal to potential customers
  • Differentiator to competing developers
  • Outsell nearby projects and at higher prices
  • Robust, stable and long lasting comfort solutions

Motorized shades and home automation systems have traditionally been seen as complex and expensive. Concerns are that they will increase project costs significantly. But this is no longer the case. The Shade Designers offer a simple, affordable solution with nothing to envy from high-end systems

The Shade Designers systems are far more standardized, robust and price competitive thus making it suitable for any development project, This is exact the reason through which developers can significantly increase the perceived value of their real estate projects.

The Shade Designers offers affordable home automation solutions that not only meet industry standards but also allow flexibility for installation at any stage of the development. Property Developers can opt to include home automation from ground up or to allow buyers to take up a "package" option thus providing value to customers while minimizing capital lock-in. The technology is very scalable and impervious to obsolescence

The Shade Designers expertise in home automation planning and deployment will assist Property Developers in overcoming the learning curve required to implement home automation features in their modern design apartment, resulting in greater value, lower cost and a more marketable development project.

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