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With the current advancement of home automation technology, homeowners not only want to live in a stylish residence, but they also want the latest technology offering them seamless services.

Professional designers take great pride in the aesthetics that make up a well-crafted, stylish and modern beautiful home. With the increased budget for interior design set aside by consumers and homeowners, marrying design with technology is often the challenge for architects and designers

Rollingshield caters motorized window treatment solutions and provides automation system custom built to meet the customers' individual lifestyle needs. We help designers to design the right window treatments and integrate them in the home automation system in a subtle way that compliments their design aesthetic and lifestyle.

Rollingshield’ motorized window treatment solutions can be installed into both new and existing homes. Our consultants will offer tailored and yet extensible solutions to compliment intrinsic designs, be it in condominiums or single-family properties.

Rollingshield helps designers to focus on designing the aesthetics of motorized window treatments while integrating and automating various aspects within the customers' home to create one simple automation experience. Rollingshield’ affordable and reliable solution can assist architect and designer to truly marry design and technology with minimal learning curve and cost.

Interior designers can incorporate motorized window treatments into any type of home style or décor, automation will help to enhance the livability without being intrusive, Horne automation systems are installed behind the scenes so t doesn't disrupt the décor of your customers' home.

Rollingshield’ home automation system is easy to install and user friendly.

Rollingshield’ team provides interior designers:

  • Design and implementation support
  • Motorized window treatments installation
  • Scene programming
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Future components supply

Rollingshield can help architects and designers deliver exceptional automation lifestyle for your customers and provide a world-class brand experience.

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